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This is a blog from the Internet Development Team at ILRT, Bristol. We build websites and web applications for a wide variety of customers, many in the UK higher education sector. Continue reading…


The European e-Privacy directive, cookies and you

The European e-Privacy directive is due to be implemented in the UK in May and will result in a change in the law relating to cookies (small files stored on your computer’s hard drive). Kieren Pitts outlines the changes and discusses how this may influence your web site:- Upcoming changes to cookie laws

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Published on 15 Mar 11 under Briefings | Comments Off on The European e-Privacy directive, cookies and you

Here’s something you might actually want to use

Word clouds are fantastic and often quite beautiful ways of presenting information. They can also be used to analyse the key themes in a piece of text. To generate word clouds from text you can use – it’s free and fun. If you want to save your word cloud to use in a presentation […]

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The art of now – instant search results

As technology gets faster and more efficient users expect information to be available almost instantaneously. The move to increasing the speed of information retrieval was emphasised recently when Google launched Google Instant. What is Google Instant? Google Instant is an enhancement to Google’s search interface. As you begin to type, Google analyses the letters you […]

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Puzzles, e-cards and Rover – engaging the user

ILRT has developed a web site, Hidden Lives Revealed, for the Children’s Society, with information about the Society’s work and its children’s homes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The site was originally funded by the National Lottery and is intended to appeal to a range of ages and to be used as […]

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Life in the cloud

Despite working in the IT industry for more than fifteen years, when it comes to my personal use of IT, I find that I’m rather reluctant to embrace new technology. I’m one of the few developers on the team who continue to use a Microsoft Windows operating system, not only that, but it’s one that […]

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Published on 16 Jul 10 under Briefings | Comments Off on Life in the cloud

The power of semantics

Chris Bailey explains how searching for Iron Man uses sophisticated semantics. Here in ILRT, we don’t just produce websites for people.  Over the last year I’ve been working with our Web Futures team on a number of their projects. Web futures is a research group within ILRT investigating new ways of managing, organising and interacting […]

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Unicode and the web

Why bother? If you create content for the web, you may have to transfer accented characters (or text in non-Roman scripts) onto a web page. But even if the text looks all right when viewed within your organisation, it may be illegible to the wider world. To avoid this, you need to know a little […]

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Published on 4 May 10 under Briefings | Comments Off on Unicode and the web

The internet free lunch

The idea of free as in zero price, along with free as in openness and freedom, has long been integral to the nature of the internet and hence to its economics and business models. Essentially the internet provides a means for virtually zero cost reproduction and distribution of digital products, e.g. books, music, films, software, […]

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Is your website emotional?

Bipolar Emotional Response Tests (BERTs) Design provokes an emotional response. The positive we remember –  the Mini, the iPhone, the London Underground Map – the negative we try to forget. Websites are no different. While all aspects of design are subjective it is possible to plan for the emotional response you want from your website. […]

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Published on 8 Mar 10 under Briefings | Comments Off on Is your website emotional?

The value of a professional content editor

Our clients are all really busy, and few of them are full-time website managers. One of the most common complaints I hear is that they don’t have the time to produce enough new, high quality content, and are concerned that parts of their sites may be out of date. On top of this, they are […]

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