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This is a blog from the Internet Development Team at ILRT, Bristol. We build websites and web applications for a wide variety of customers, many in the UK higher education sector. Continue reading…

Archive for May, 2010

The power of semantics

Chris Bailey explains how searching for Iron Man uses sophisticated semantics. Here in ILRT, we don’t just produce websites for people.  Over the last year I’ve been working with our Web Futures team on a number of their projects. Web futures is a research group within ILRT investigating new ways of managing, organising and interacting […]

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Published on 14 May 10 under Briefings | 2 Comments »

Unicode and the web

Why bother? If you create content for the web, you may have to transfer accented characters (or text in non-Roman scripts) onto a web page. But even if the text looks all right when viewed within your organisation, it may be illegible to the wider world. To avoid this, you need to know a little […]

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Published on 4 May 10 under Briefings | Comments Off on Unicode and the web