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This is a blog from the Internet Development Team at ILRT, Bristol. We build websites and web applications for a wide variety of customers, many in the UK higher education sector. Continue reading…

The value of a professional content editor

Our clients are all really busy, and few of them are full-time website managers. One of the most common complaints I hear is that they don’t have the time to produce enough new, high quality content, and are concerned that parts of their sites may be out of date. On top of this, they are well aware that social media can bring new, dynamic, free content to their sites, but aren’t sure how to make the most of this, and don’t really have the time to think about it.

For these reasons we provideĀ  “content services” to 40% of the clients I work with. This is where our staff spend time ensuring that clients’ websites have fresh content regularly, are up to date, have high quality images and audio / visual content, pull in the best RSS feeds, make use of Twitter and other social media, and generally ensure that every website does justice to its organisation! As well as improving content quality, I find that clients become considerably happier with the quality of their sites generally, and are able to think more strategically about their online communications. This is because they receive ongoing input from our web content experts.

Some examples of specific content-related services we’ve provided recently include:

  • making changes to the text content of a website so that it ranks highly in Google search engine results, whenever a person searches for relevant terms
  • sourcing high quality images for a collection of online profiles
  • adding content to a site that was in preparation for going live
  • taking over the entire management of a site’s content
  • setting up and running a Twitter account, then pulling the content onto a website
  • reworking content to reduce the amount of email enquiries an organisation received
  • writing up new content from events that an organisation runs
  • suggesting improvements to the structure of a site, to make it easier to use

If this sounds interesting to you, do drop me an email or give me a call.

Sarah Agarwal – – 0117 331 4395

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