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This is a blog from the Internet Development Team at ILRT, Bristol. We build websites and web applications for a wide variety of customers, many in the UK higher education sector. Continue reading…

Archive for November, 2009

Asking the ‘bigger picture’ questions… Thinking about a sign language-based survey tool

History is a funny thing. At its simplest, it’s easy to understand. History leaves evidence, which is read by historians, who tell you what happened and when. Simple? Well no… Because even if you know lots of things that happened, and when they happened, it still only gives you little bits of information. It doesn’t […]

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Top tips for content editing

Here are some tips for making your website clear and easy to read. You’ll also find some useful links on how people read on the web and how to test the readability of your web pages.

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Published on 16 Nov 09 under Briefings | 1 Comment »

ILRT people: Virginia Knight

Virginia is a Senior Technical Researcher within the ID group and has worked at ILRT since 1998. Virginia’s academic background is in Classics, but after doing a PhD at Cambridge she worked for several years with British Census data, both historical (at the Cambridge Group for the History of Population) and present-day (at the University […]

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